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  • Cold zinc galvanising paint is intended as a repair coating for newly galvanized metal.
  • The coating can be applied to bare metal, welded metal or slightly corroded metal.
  • This superior product is incredibly fast drying to reduce downtime and delay.
  • Several light coats are advised to give a better performance than one heavy coat and have a faster drying time.
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  • Line marker paint is packed in a large 750ml aerosol.
  • A dense paint with excellent coverage that is water resistant when dry. 
  • Can be used on concrete, stone, tarmac, grass, gravel, soil, glass, pavement and metal.
  • Long lasting bright colour with high quality pigment.
  • Can be used in an inverted position applied by hand but also fits all popular line marking paint spray application machines.
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  • Will penetrate and release rusty and/or jammed components.
  • Displaces moisture from vehicle ignitions systems and aids starting and smooth running.
  • Food grade version for use in food preparation facilities.
  • Cleanly lubricates and restores smooth, silent operation to hinges, locks castors, drawer runners and curtain tracks.
  • Cleans all metals and removes bloom from enamel surfaces such as fridges, cookers and stainless steel sinks.
  • Removes dirt, grime, lime scale, crayon marks, chewing gum and adhesives.
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  • AG-90 is an extreme pressure rated anti galling and anti seizing lubricant.
  • AG-90 is a specially formulated lubricant which prevents galling, seizing and subsequent snapping of stainless steel fasteners and fixings.
  • H1 food grade food safe product .InS registration 1796317.
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AS-90 welders multi use fluid, anti-spatter/ corrosion protector/welding wire lubricant. AS-90 ha..
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  • A general purpose air tool lubricant suitable for all air tools.
  • Can be mixed with all mineral based lubricants without draining the system.
  • Specially formulated for excellent air release quality.
  • Prevents corrosion and possible failure.
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BD-90 drive belt dressing spray can be used on drive belts exposed to all weather conditions. ..
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  • Blue crystal glass cleaner is multipurpose superior glass cleaner and hard surface cleaner formulated to remove a wide range of general soiling and sugar residue from glass, mirrors, tiles, windscreens, visors, machine guards, Perspex, UPVC windows, frames, worktops, vinyl, chrome, gloss painted wood and stainless cleaner.
  • Blue crystal glass cleaner gives superb results without leaving any smears, streaks or grime on surfaces.
  • Particularly developed for use in the food industry, the product holds A1 approval from InS for use in all food handling, manufacture and storage locations.
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  • Chain and drive lubricant spray is a heavy duty lubricant ideal for all types of driving chains, bearings, conveyor systems and fast moving parts which bear load.
  • Varying viscosity properties initially penetrating and then thickening for excellent performance.
  • Designed to resist throw off on moving chains.
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  • P.T.F.E additive for long term lubrication, this special formulation and InS H1 accreditation means that this product is suitable for use in food processing, manufacturing and storage locations.
  • H1 is suitable for incidental contact with food.
  • CG-90 H1 food grade clear grease is ideal for the lubrication of bearing, chains, gearing and other moving parts in both heavy duty and precise delicate mechanisms. 
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  • Very high temperature resisting copper grease with a graphite additive, ideal for all automotive, industrial and construction uses.
  • Prevents corrosion fretting or galling.
  • Enhanced with graphite for added lubrication to allow easy dismantling of threaded fasteners and tight joints.
  • Will penetrate into chains, wire ropes, hinges, locks, brake callipers and bearings. 
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  • Specially formulated cutting, tapping, reaming and drilling lubricant fluid which will not breakdown under extreme pressure.
  • Will allow swarf and cut chips of metal to be removed by the cutting tool with less friction.
  • Requires less effort when cutting is required for even the hardest metals.
  • Improves the surface finish and cutting times are reduced.
  • Formulated to be suitable for all types of steels and ceramics, even high tensile steels.
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DM-90 Dry moly spray is a solid dry film lubricant composed of molybdenum disulphide MoS2. Molybd..
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ESC is multipurpose industrial electrical contact maintenance cleaner. ESC electrical contact cle..
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FC-90 anti-static foam cleaner is ideal for surfaces around the home, office and industrial work ..
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IPA is specially formulated to clean delicate electrical components containing plastic and rubber..
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  • Professional industrial grade gas leak detector fluid which is completely non-flammable.
  • Makes it possible to immediately locate any compressed gas or air leaks caused by corrosion, vibration, and mechanical faults.
  • Will detect mini leaks and leaks under low pressure.
  • Ideal for checking the sealing on piping, taps, connections, and valves without discontinuing their operation.
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Action can lemon hand cleaner is a high quality formula that is designed to be gentle on skin and..
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  • Cold zinc galvanising spray is intended as a repair coating for newly galvanized metal that requires repair or recoating to a matt finish.
  • The coating can be applied to bare metal, welded metal or slightly corroded metal.
  • The coating is very fast drying thus improving job times and finish.
  • Several light coats are advised and give better performance than one heavy coat.
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  • P.T.F.E. (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a dry film lubricant that has an extremely low friction value.
  • White in colour. food grade PTFE is carried in a fast evaporating solvent with non stick properties and is clean and stain free.
  • The solvent evaporates within a few seconds leaving a long lasting fine film of PTFE deposited on to the surface being sprayed.
  • Prevents a build up of resin on metal tools and metal surfaces.
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