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Maintenance Products

Maintenance Products
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  • AC-90 is the No. 1 choice multipurpose lubricant. AC-90 is an industrial spray lubricant.
  • AC-90 does not contain Silicone or CFCs.
  • AC-90 will penetrate and release rusty and/or jammed components.
  • AC-90 displaces moisture from vehicle ignitions systems and aids starting and smooth running. Simply spray AC-90 over the exterior of all distributor leads, spark plug leads and all electrical components to prevent moisture induced faults.
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CT-90 is specially formulated cutting, tapping, reaming and drilling lubricant fluid which will n..
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  • RP-90 Rapid Penetrating oil spray is fast acting penetrating and release fluid.
  • RP-90 Rapid penetrating oil is 30% less dense than water which results in excellent penetrating power and releasing capability.
  • RP-90 frees jammed rusted parts quickly and cleanly.
  • RP-90 Rapid Penetrating oil spray is formulated to be effective on wet rusty metals. RP-90 also works to protect against rust and corrosion by displacing moisture and can be used to remove grime and dirt.
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A1 Food grade certified by InS #1795951. Cleans all types of stainles surfaces and equipment. Lea..
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  • TF-90 has been formulated to replace 111- Trichloroethane based products.
  • TF-90 will dry rapidly and will remove oil, grease, tar, wax, carbon and general soiling.
  • TF-90 will soften some paint and will attack some plastics.
  • Quick drying cleaning solvent and degreaser is for rapid cleaning of electrical components, metal components-degreases, removes flux, oil, tar and grime.
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