OO WG90 White Grease 500ml (Pack of 15)
3 Days WG90 White Grease 500ml (Pack of 15)

WG90 White Grease 500ml (Pack of 15)

Brand: Action Can
Part No: WG500ML
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WG-90 white grease is a high quality lubricant resistant to heat and water. WG-90 is resistant to steam, acid and alkaline substance. WG-90 provides lasting lubrication and protection. WG-90 has very good adhesive qualities and reduces wear of moving parts such as chains, gears, axles, locks, bearing etc. WG-90 is white mineral oil based grease. WG-90 is ideal for all general purpose lubrication. PTFE has been added to the formulation to provide additional quality of lubrication and a degree of protection for dry running surfaces. WG-90 can be used on metal, plastic and nylon parts.