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  • Abracs's holesaws are manufactured using bi-metal hole saw engineering and use only the premium quality materials to give exceptionally strong and durable performance.
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  • The CarbideMax Ultra coating is specifically designed for the toughest countersinking jobs on the planet, including Hardox steel
  • Succesful results machining these materials requires the right combination of equipment including high torque/slow speed, geared Magnet Drill, like the HMT MAX100 Magnet Drill and BioCut Blue lubricant. Patience and experience is essential to get the best results with these materials including allowing the cutter to cool during the cut to avoid overheating and damaging the cutting tips.
  • The MultiSink is a worldwide unique new Combination Countersink Tool designed and developed by HMT for use with Magnetic Drills, allowing the user to combine the tool with the VersaDrive product range to Broach & Countersink, Drill & Countersink, Tap & Countersink or even Drill, Tap & Countersink in one operation - providing huge time-saving benefits.
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  • Use in any standard drill chuck.
  • Use with the VersaDrive Magnet Drill adapter to convert to a broaching cutter.
  • Use with the MultiSink tool to broach and Countersink in one operation.
  • Massive 70mm reach with 55mm depth of cut, ideal for drilling channel, box section and thick steel.
  • Premium quality Tungsten Carbide teeth for ultimate tool life in structural grade steels as well as Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, plastic, composites etc.
  • Perfect for drilling heavy steel in locations that arent suitable for a mag drill.
  • High strength, non-slip shank design.
  • Use in any standard drill chuck or with a magnet drill adapter.
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