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ZG90 Zinc Galvanise Brush On Application 500ml (Pack of 1)

ZG90 Zinc Galvanise Brush On Application 500ml (Pack of 1)

Brand Action Can
Part No: ZG90B500ML
Availability: 4
£16.98 Excl VAT: £14.15

ZG-90 cold zinc galvanise brushing is fast drying rust protection for use on light rust or clean metal. ZG-90 is specially formulated to perform as an undercoat and topcoat combined in one product. Shower proof in 15 minutes and Hard dry in 2 hours. Prepare the metal surface before application. On heaving rust use a wire brush to remove as much loose rust and old paint as possible. On new metal wipe surface with white spirit to remove any oil or grease which maybe present. Always wear eye protection when using wire brushes. Always wear impermeable gloves. Always test previously painted surfaces for a reaction between the old paint and ZG-90. Paint a test area and wait for 1 hour after application. If there is as reaction, the old paint must be completely removed to bare metal, before the application ZG-90. Apply ZG-90 with a brush, using the tips of the bristles, stipple ZG-90 into the surface. This help push the product into the metal surface which improves performance and finish. On most surfaces one coat of ZG-90 is all that is required