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  • Compact glue gun with fine point tip.
  • Suitable for bonding wood, metal, glass, fabric, plastic, ceramics and card.
  • Fold-out stand for stability.
  • Includes two 7.2 x 100mm glue sticks.
  • CE approved.
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  • Galvanised steel frame for 100mm mini roller sleeves.
  • Simple push-fit sleeve connection.
  • Compatible with tapered-end extension poles, including Silverline Extension Pole Aluminium 2m and 3m.
  • Available in either short or long-handled versions.
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  • Durable bearing steel construction.
  • Cuts copper, aluminium and light-gauge steel pipe.
  • 5mm bore diameter.
  • Spare wheel for Silverline Mini Tube Cutter (MS125).
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  • Mid-ankle safety boot with full grain Nubuck upper and padded collar for comfort.
  • Composite midsole for lightweight feel and underfoot protection.
  • Poron sock provides extra cushioning for added comfort. Slip-resistant for safe working. Underfoot shock-absorption reduces stress on the foot and ankle. Antistatic with heat-resistant sole. Fuel oil resistance prevents sole from degrading on contact with petro-chemical substances.
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  • General purpose wood mitre box.
  • For accurate cutting of mitres and butt joints.
  • For picture rails, dado rails, small mouldings and all medium works.
  • Use with tenon or back saw.
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  • 550mm mitre saw featuring a 400mm solid pressure, cast saw table with 9 pre-set mitres, clamp and adjustable length stop.
  • GS approved.
  • Includes saw blade with hardpoint teeth.
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  • Thick, pure bristle and high-tech filaments are blended in a unique way to manufacture the paint brushes in this set.
  • Natural wood beavertail handles and stainless steel ferrules.
  • Optimised for use with oil-based paints and gloss.
  • Excellent paint loading and even distribution.
  • 3pce set includes sizes 25, 40 and 50mm.
  • 5pce set includes sizes 19, 25, 40, 50 and 75mm.
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  • Thick, pure bristle and high-tech filaments are blended in a unique way to manufacture this paint brush.
  • Natural wood beavertail handle and stainless steel ferrule.
  • Optimised for use with oil-based paints and gloss.
  • Excellent paint loading and even distribution.
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  • For use with electric drills.
  • To mix paint, plaster, cement slurries and textured coatings.
  • Hex shank.
  • Requires 10mm or larger chuck.
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  • For accurate positioning of holes and ease of starting core drilling.
  • Use 8 x 200mm for diamond and 8 x 110mm for TCT cores.
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  • Single multipurpose drill bit with specially-designed tungsten carbide tip.
  • For use on steel, wood, masonry, uPVC, ceramics and concrete.
  • Ideal for use in multi-construction environments.
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  • Strong, hard-wearing tungsten carbide teeth for long life and performance.
  • Enhanced gullet clearance for rapid waste removal.
  • For plasterboard, bricks, aerated block, wood, plywood, laminate and PVC.
  • Select the correct drill speed by material for cut quality and performance.
  • Compatible with Silverline arbors.
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  • Corrosion-resistant galvanised steel key allows easy access to drainage systems by lifting or replacing manhole covers.
  • Quality welds with strong T-bar design.
  • Fits 1/2in and 3/4in square stop taps, and 1/2in and 3/4in stop taps.
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  • Navy blue overalls with elasticated waist, pockets and press-stud front fastening. 65% polyester, 35% cotton.
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  • Nylon threads impregnated with coarse silicon carbide grit for deburring and surface treatment of metal and wood.
  • Non sparking. M14 x 2 female thread.
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  • Heavy duty drop-forged steel with knurled thumbwheel adjustment.
  • Corrosion-resistant, rippled powder coating.
  • Hardened, ground and polished jaws.
  • For use on pipework and fittings in awkward positions.
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  • Aluminium mechanical fastener with steel mandrel.
  • Install into punched or pre-drilled holes suitable for all blind/pop riveting applications.
  • Select grip based on combined thickness of material to be riveted.
  • Suitable for fastening metals, wood and plastic.
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  • Aluminium mechanical fastener with steel mandrel and large flange head.
  • Install into punched or pre-drilled holes suitable for all blind/pop riveting applications.
  • Select grip based on combined thickness of material to be riveted.
  • Suitable for fastening metals, wood and plastic.
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  • Hardened and tempered drop-forged chrome vanadium steel.
  • High quality polished finish.
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  • Heavy duty fibre surveyors tape with metric and imperial graduations.
  • Strong plastic case with folding winding handle.
  • Metal end hooks & claw.
  • Water, scratch & crease-resistant PVC-coated tape.
  • Class III accuracy.
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  • These white, super secure, heat stabilised polypropylene clips have a large base design which prevents the base being pulled into plaster and resists side loads.
  • The design also allows pipes to be easily removed without the need to loosen or remove screws.
  • They also have a high stand off allowing for lagging and heat circulation and are capable of withstanding continuous working temperatures of 110 degrees C and can also withstand short term temperatures as high as 140 degrees C.
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  • Steel nails.
  • Easily punched below the wood surface.
  • Less likely to split the wood if driven in with the longer sides parallel to the grain.
  • Suitable for joinery work where appearance is a priority.
  • Approximately 64 nails per 1kg.
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  • Strong steel construction with corrosion-resistant finish and protective, plastic end cap.
  • Provides invaluable extra storage solution for the home, garage, shed and workshop.
  • Attaches to ceilings or wooden rafters and roof joists for hanging stored items.
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  • Hard wearing mid-ankle safety boot with water-resistant upper.
  • Soft cushioned sole unit and padded tongue and ankle collar combine deliver lasting comfort.
  • Poron sock provides extra cushioning for underfoot comfort.
  • Slip-resistant with underfoot shock absorption to reduce stress on the feet and ankles.
  • Anti-static with heat-resistant EVA rubber soles.
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  • Round, lightweight nail made from steel for durability and superior strength.
  • Ideal for cabinet-making, fixing small mouldings into place and general woodworking.
  • Approximately 660 nails per 1/4 kg.
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  • Ideal for automotive and general usage.
  • Durable construction and snug fit with good dexterity.
  • Neoprene knuckle protection.
  • Synthetic suede fingers and palm with reinforced panels and adjustable elasticated closure.
  • Simple design.
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  • Titanium and diamond-coated S2 steel for improved grip.
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  • Corrosion-resistant brass wire bristles, galvanized steel stem.
  • For cleaning drill holes and internal bores.
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  • Heavy duty, corrosion-resistant powder-coated cast aluminium body frame.
  • Hardened steel cutting wheel and pipe rollers for easy cutting.
  • Fully adjustable cutter and built-in retractable pipe deburrer.
  • For use with copper, aluminium and light duty steel pipes.
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  • Stiff steel bristles for cleaning inside copper fittings and socket formed joints on copper pipe prior to soldering.
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  • Galvanised steel with round heads.
  • Nails plasterboard to studwork and wood.
  • Approximately 700 nails per 1kg.
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  • Strong, plastic construction.
  • Lightweight and weatherproof.
  • Internal or external use.
  • Can be used with Fixman Chain Connectors (923425).
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  • Plastic funnel with brassed gauze filter.
  • Thick durable plastic.
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  • Stainless steel blade with powder-coated, soft-grip aluminium handles for easy cutting of plastic hose and PVC pipes.
  • Handle lock clip and removable blade for sharpening and maintenance.
  • Compatible with water, aluminium, plastic, gas, electrical appliance pipes and more.
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  • Forked design allows fixings to be inserted without pre-drilling.
  • Chamfered tines allow insertion into tight spaces.
  • Snap-off tab allows packer to be held in place and snapped off when job is complete.
  • For dry lining, cladding, frame fixing, batten levelling and other levelling applications.
  • Stackable.
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  • Flexible, durable plastic lid provides an air-tight seal and prevents spillage during transportation.
  • Also prevents paint from drying out when stored.
  • Fits Silverline 2.5Ltr Plastic Paint Kettle 846839.
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  • Easy-clean polypropylene paint bucket for all types of paint, wood treatments and wallpaper paste.
  • Sturdy metal handle for handheld use as well as ladderwork.
  • Also perfect for use as a mixing container or holding nails, screws and tools.
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  • Plumb bob with 18m strong nylon line.
  • 115mm body with accurately machined point, knurled locking screw and corrosion-resistant finish.
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  • Manufactured to EN847-1 and designed specifically for use with tracked plunge saws, these blades have a high tooth count for a superior finish.
  • The CNC controlled, 4-face grind premium K10 tungsten carbide teeth provide a razor-sharp cutting edge for an enhanced finish and long cutting life. Ideal for use on laminates, hardwood, softwood, chipboard and composites.
  • Select the correct tooth count and form for your application.
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  • Pointed sash brush for use on water-based and oil-based coatings.
  • 190mm long plastic handle.
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