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  • Converts 12V power supplies to a 230V AC mains supply.
  • Perfect for use in most cars, vans, caravans and boats to run day-to-day appliances, up to the listed wattage.
  • Overload and short circuit protection. 204757 supplied with cigarette lighter plug, while 263764, 168754 and 444658 are supplied with battery terminal connectors.
  • Continuous rated.
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  • Ideal for storing in the boot of a car or in the garage, this sturdy plastic fuel can has a flexible pouring spout, tethered screw cap and carry handle.
  • The spout stores neatly into the handle area when not in use.
  • Complies with SI 1982/630.
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  • Aluminium suction pads with suction release levers for carrying heavy, awkward items such as glass, doors, windows and sheet material.
  • Effective on most smooth surfaces.
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  • Mini-sized blade-type automotive fuse in nylon casing.
  • Voltage rating 32V, DC.
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  • Low profile mini-sized automotive blade-type fuse in nylon casing.
  • Voltage rating 32V, DC.
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  • Ratchet action for quick height adjustment.
  • Rated and sold in pairs.
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  • Strong double-layered composite material.
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant outer layer shields car bodywork from frost, rain, dust, pollen, insects and light debris.
  • Non-woven soft-touch inner lining protects paintwork.
  • Easy to fit and secure with elasticated edges and tie strap.
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  • Opaque polyethylene with square handle and ergonomic finger indent.
  • Metric graduations indicate amount of liquid dispensed.
  • Screw-top lid and end cap protect liquids from contamination.
  • Flexible spout for convenient and accurate pouring of liquids.
  • Suitable for water, antifreeze, oils and other fluids.
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  • Sturdy all-steel construction, quick-fit handle and safety overload valve.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic bottle jack is robust, stable and safe with a large base and easy height-adjustment screw.
  • 4 tonne lifting capacity and a range of 195380mm.
  • Conforms to EN1494/A1:2008.
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  • Strong polyethylene body with reinforced core prevents buckling and bending.
  • Ideal for positioning heavy appliances, opening car doors, installing windows and more.
  • Valve for controlled inflation and deflation.
  • Can be used as an alternative to plastic packers.
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  • Manufactured in a computer-controlled, 31-stage process.
  • Precision laser-cut pieces are plasma-welded together by robots for strength and durability.
  • Nano-ceramic plating followed by powder coating, inside and out, provides a tough, durable finish that wont corrode.
  • A 2-stage, high-pressure test on every can ensures a perfect seal.
  • Includes integrated carry handle and lid locking pin.
  • UN approved.
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  • Polyethylene jug with metric graduations.
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  • Heavy duty polyethylene measuring jug with metric and imperial graduations.
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  • Strong, steel band with corrosion-resistant coating.
  • Durable, PVC-dipped, multi-position handle.
  • For accessing restricted areas in engines, and gripping dirty filters without slipping.
  • Automatically tightens as pressure is applied.
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  • Plastic funnel with brassed gauze filter.
  • Thick durable plastic.
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  • Plastic suction cup ideal for carrying awkward items such as glass and ceramics.
  • Also suitable for pulling out dents in bodywork.
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  • Corrosion-resistant chrome-plated hardened tempered steel.
  • Straight pattern tyre lever.
  • Hook and taper ends.
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