550W Auto-Feed Drywall Screwdriver

550W  Auto-Feed  Drywall  Screwdriver
  • Collated drywall screw belts.
  • Compatible with the GMC Auto-Feed Drywall Screwdriver and Makita Auto-Feed Screwdrivers.
  • Includes pack of 10 strips, each containing 50 screws.

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Auto-feed driver for fast, repeated driving of screws into plasterboard/drywall and wood. Fast click-fit assembly. Can be used as a powered single screwdriver with depth stop. 0-5500rpm trigger control with speed limiter dial and forward/reverse operation. Suitable for collated 25 - 50mm screw belts with 3.9-4.2mm heads. 1/4in drive with pressure clutch for safer operation. 14Nm torque. Accessories include depth-stop collar, 2 x screw belts and blow-moulded case. Compatible with Makita collated screw belts.