Power Tools

Power Tools
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  • Compact and lightweight 1000W workshop, DIY and general vacuum cleaner with blower function.
  • Quad castor base for smooth movement when used with handheld power tools.
  • Latching power-switch, ideal for use with free standing and bench mounted power tools with a master control switchbox.
  • 10Ltr tank emits an audible warning when tank fills with liquid to maximum capacity.
  • On-hose fingertip suction power control.
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  • Uses an orbital motion to prevent swirling and burning marks on car bodywork.
  • Includes application and polishing bonnets for fitting to 240mm diameter twin density foam polishing pad.
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  • GMC 18V 3Ah battery compatible with GMC 18V range of shared power system tools. Lightweight cells.
  • High-capacity battery for extended run times and safer operation with high current tools.
  • Built-in charge level indicator.
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  • Collated drywall screw belts.
  • Compatible with the GMC Auto-Feed Drywall Screwdriver and Makita Auto-Feed Screwdrivers.
  • Includes pack of 10 strips, each containing 50 screws.
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  • Long, soft bristles increase cleaning efficiency when washing vehicles, wheels and rims. Bayonet fitting.
  • Compatible with Silverline Pressure Washers (102580, 101389 & 102377).
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  • Tough polyethylene/PVC hose with M14 / M22 threaded connection.
  • Max temperature 50 degrees C.
  • Max pressure 44Mpa.
  • Compatible with 70, 90 and 110bar pressure washers.
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  • Produces professional signs using templates and a router.
  • Templates interlock and are mounted using painter tape.
  • Adjustable kerning allows neat, even spacing between letters. Includes 99 template pieces including letters, numbers, symbols, and kerning spacers.
  • Also includes a high-quality brass guide bushing and a universal router base to fit all Triton routers. 
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  • High-capacity 10m discharge hose made from hard-wearing and flexible PVC.
  • Ideal for emptying ponds, pools, ditches and flooded areas.
  • Compatible with most submersible pumps including Silverline water pumps (262231, 171682 & 869235).
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  • Replacement spray gun and lance for the Silverline 105bar and 135bar Pressure Washers.
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  • Powerful vacuum cleaner/blower with 58Ltr/sec airflow and 18kPa suction power.
  • Ideal for workshop dust and chippings extraction as well as general use.
  • EU 13A mains power take-off socket up to 2000W (9A).
  • Automatic dust extraction mode when power tool connected to take-off is operated.
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  • Sleeves for use on wood, metal, paint and plastic for surface treatment, smoothing corners, deburring and structuring.
  • Suitable for use with Silverline 420W Drum Sander.
  • Max 4500rpm. 80 Grit.
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  • Replacement corrugated air hose for the Silverline HVLP Paint Sprayer (798866).
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