OO RP90 Rapid Penetrating 500ml (Pack of 15)
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3 Days RP90 Rapid Penetrating 500ml (Pack of 15)

RP90 Rapid Penetrating 500ml (Pack of 15)

Brand Action Can
Part No: AC90RP90590ML
Availability: 3 Days
£60.55 Excl VAT: £50.46
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RP-90 Rapid Penetrating oil spray is fast acting penetrating and release fluid. RP-90 Rapid Penetrating oil is 30% less dense than water which results in excellent penetrating power and releasing capability. RP-90 frees jammed rusted parts quickly and cleanly. RP-90 Rapid Penetrating oil spray is formulated to be effective on wet rusty metals. RP-90 also works to protect against rust and corrosion by displacing moisture and can be used to remove grime and dirt. RP-90 lubricates moving parts, removes grime and rust film and is non-conductive. RP-90 contains no CFCs or chlorinated solvents. RP-90 is silicone-free spray penetrates and lubricates to extend equipment life, acts as a moisture displacer and corrosion inhibitor. RP-90 cleans tar, grease and removes rust and adhesives. Dissolves dirt and grime. RP-90 will lubricate tight crevices and releases seized parts. RP-90 offers superior corrosion protection by leaving a non-conductive film. RP-90 acts as a protective barrier, displaces moisture and dries out ignitions.