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Pipe Clips

Pipe Clips
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  • Hinge Design allows for repeated opening and closing with 360 degree retention.
  • High stand off allows for lagging and heat circulation.
  • Capable of withstanding continuous working temps of 110 degree C and short term temperatures as high as 140 degree C.
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  • These white, super secure, heat stabilised polypropylene clips have a large base design which prevents the base being pulled into plaster and resists side loads.
  • The design also allows pipes to be easily removed without the need to loosen or remove screws.
  • They also have a high stand off allowing for lagging and heat circulation and are capable of withstanding continuous working temperatures of 110 degrees C and can also withstand short term temperatures as high as 140 degrees C.
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  • Avoids the need to make good around pipework.
  • Can be fitted to existing pipework.
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  • Economical and an easy way to fix pipes to walls and timber.
  • Hardened masonry nail.
  • Made from heavy grade plastic.
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