OO M10 Dome Nuts - Galvanised

M10 Dome Nuts - Galvanised

  • Dome nuts.
  • Galvanised
  • Galvanised coatings prevent oxidation of the protected metal to create a longer lasting finish. It does this by forming a barrier and by acting as a sacrificial anode if this barrier is damaged. Galvanising is a plating that (in contrast to iron oxide) does not trigger a breakdown of the substrates surface integrity as it is formed. The galvanising, if left intact, can act as a barrier to further oxidation, in a way similar to the protection afforded to aluminum and stainless steels by their oxide layers.

Fastener Specifications
Nut TypeDome Nut
Nut Diameter10mm
Nut Thickness18mm
Thread TypeMetric
Thread Pitch1.5mm
Spanner Size17mm
Nut SpecificationDIN 1587