OO Loncin 1in Water Pump
Loncin 1in Water Pump

Loncin 1in Water Pump

Brand: Loncin
Part No: LONLC25ZB21
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The Loncin 25mm/1in Water Pump is durable, reliable and ideal for removing water from a flooded basement kitchen, empty a swimming or paddling pool, or many other kinds of fluid removing work. The engine features fuel saving OHV technology for a smoother performance and environmentally friendly emission volumes.

It offers a maximum lift of 21 metres gives you plenty of flexibility when taking water from a low to high area*. 25mm diameter discharge and suction ports with high quality, ceramic seals make sure no water can get in, which is vital in a water pump. A low-oil protection device offers peace of mind and the pump is compact and neat, with a sturdy stand to keep it steady. A low-effort recoil start and an integrated carrying handle make this machine easy to use and move around.

* The actual lift of a water pump = suction lift Plus discharge lift, and the water pump lift as stated is about 1.15 - 1.20 times of the actual water lifting height; so with a 21m lift pump you are looking at an actual lifting height of about 18m.


Engine Power: Petrol 97cc.
Delivery Volume: 8,000L/H.
Suction: 6m.
Weight: 13kg.