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  • These spring washers ring-shaped, split at one point and bent into a helix.
  • This shape means that the washer exerts a spring force between the fastener's head and the base item.
  • The main purpose of the spring washer is to prevent loosening of the fastener by either movement or vibration.
  • They are available with a square or rectangular section.
  • These washers are bright zinc plated for increased corrosion resistance.
£2.20 Ex Tax: £1.83
  • Folded eye bolts.
  • Bright zinc plated CR3+.
  • These are supplied with hex nuts and flat washers to suit.
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  • Thread protector caps.
  • Black plastic.
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  • Form A flat washers are thicker than the more popular form B type washers.
  • They are yellow zinc plated for resistance to corrosion, and conform to DIN125 standards.
  • Washers provide a smooth surface for the nut or bolt to bear on, making it less likely to loosen as a result of an uneven fastening surface.
  • The main purpose of a washer is to distribute the load under a bolt head or the nut face.
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