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  • The Alphawedge is designed for Ribdeck E60 manufactured by Hare Decking, formerly Richard Lees Steel Decking.
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  • Beam Clamp suitable for use with parallel or tapered flange beams, supplied with the back hole drilled or tapped.
  • The type FL uses a grade 8.8 cup point setscrew for secure grip.
  • Supplied with square or alternatively hexagon head setscrews.
  • Can be used with type SW � Swivel Unit when connecting to inclined sections.
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  • Beam flange clamp with swivel unit.
  • For parallel and sloping flanges.
  • Supplied with grade 8.8 setscrew for secure grip.
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  • For vertical suspension on angled surface of up to 10 degree swing either side of the vertical.
  • The hemispherical washer (HW) can be used without the cup.
  • Loads are subject to applications - please contact us.
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  • The Multiwedge 2 is designed for Multideck 60 and Multideck 80 profiles manufactured by Kingspan Structural Products./ul>
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  • The Type TC, Toggle Clamp is designed for service suspension from pre-cast hollow core slabs (minimum depth of core 75mm) as well as Structural Hollow Section (SHS), steel sheeting or purlins.
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  • The Type TR60 is designed for TR60+ and TR80+ profiles manufactured by Structural Metal Decks.
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  • The V-Nut fits the re-entrant channel of several composite floor deckings.
  • Including: R51 (SMD), ComFlor 51 (Tata Steel),Holorib (Hare Decking), Superib (Hare Decking), Multideck 50 (Kingspan) and MetFloor 55 (CMF)
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  • The Webfix � WF for a quick installation directly from the web of Zed purlins.
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  • A purlin clip to suit a large range of purlin sections.
  • Can be used with type SW � Swivel Unit for use on inclined purlins.
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