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  • High quality 100mm extension arbor for improving access to deep drilling applications.
  • Extended pilot pin may be needed.
  • Can be mounted in series for extreme depth applications.
  • 35mm diameter.
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  • Spare grub screws to suit virtually all standard magnet drill arbors, fittings and components.
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  • Quality all-metal adapter intended for use in Magnet drills when used with standard straight shank twist drills.
  • Takes drill bits up to 13mm shank.
£25.39 Ex Tax: £21.16
  • Quality all-metal chick and adapter intended for use in magnet drills when used with stnardard straight shank twist drills.
  • Takes drill bits up to 13mm shank.
£51.49 Ex Tax: £42.91
  • A unique magnet drilling extension accessory developed specifically for use in extreme depth drilling applications, where multiple extension arbors are mounted in series to achieve the required drilling depth.
  • Traditionally this application meantit was not possible to use a pilot pin with your broach cutter, leading to drilling instability. However, the retractable spring-loaded extension arboris designed to be used at the bottom of a series of extension arbors, meaning a standard pilot pin can be used with the broach cutter and used in normal operation, like with a standard spring loaded magnet drill arbor.
  • 35mm diameter.
£122.86 Ex Tax: £102.38
  • Upgraded design magnetic swarf lifter for safe and efficient removal of swarf from the cutting area.
  • 400mm overall length.
  • Heavy duty magnets for industrial fabrication use.
£41.99 Ex Tax: £34.99