OO HTC Evolution Precision File Sander 400 Watt 240 Volt

HTC Evolution Precision File Sander 400 Watt 240 Volt

Brand HTC Evolution
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The HTC Evolution Precision File Sander is a versatile, compact tool ideal for sanding, filing, as well as sharpening tools and blades. Perfect for use in tight gaps, such as cleaning out door locks, plus handy at removing rust and excess weld. Features an adjustable sanding arm, allowing the operator to keep their hand/wrist in a comfortable position and alter the angle of the sanding arm to suit the job. Variable speed control provides optimum control and finishing on a number of surfaces and materials.

Supplied with two Sanding Heads: A single wheeled head for flat surfaces and a twin wheeled head for better performance on angled surfaces. A dust bag for effective dust collection, when sanding wood, plastics or removing paint. Also three sanding belts are included in a variety of grades, ideal for wood, metal and plastics. The coarser paper grades remove the unwanted material faster and with less effort.


Input Power: 400 Watt.
No Load Speed: 300-1,700/min.
Sanding Belt: 475 x 13mm.
Weight: 2.18kg.