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  • Fast efficient countersinking & deburring.
  • 90 Degree point angle for Countersunk Bolt Heads.
  • Safer use with minimal kickback; specially hardened for impact wrench use.
  • High-Grade Tool Steel with ground flutes for high accuracy & long life.
  • GoldMax low friction Titanium Coating to stop heat burn out.
  • High Strength, Non-slip shank design.
  • Can be used with an impact wrench up to 16.5mm diameter.
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  • The DrillSink is the latest innovative addition to the Versadrive product range.
  • Saves metalworkers time & increasing hole accuracy by drilling and then countersink fixing holes ion one operation.
  • Ensures smooth countersinking and perfect accuracy every time.
  • Prevents the chattering and reduced tool life commonly experienced with standard countersinks.
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