OO CG90 Clean Grease
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CG90 Clean Grease

CG90  Clean  Grease

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CG90 Clean Grease Food Grade 500ml (Pack of 15)

Part No: CG90FGR500ML

Action Can

Excl VAT: £79.13
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CG-90 H1 food grade clear grease has a P.T.F.E additive for long term lubrication, this special formulation and InS H1 accreditation means that this product is suitable for use in food processing, manufacturing and storage locations. H1 is suitable for incidental contact with food.CG-90 H1 food grade clear grease is ideal for the lubrication of bearing, chains, gearing and other moving parts in both heavy duty and precise delicate mechanisms.CG-90 H1 food grade clear grease is resistant to moisture, steam, acids and alkilis.CG-90 H1 food grade clear grease is effective through a wide temperature range from -40 degree C to +200 degree C (applies to base product before aerosol packing).Approved to H1 standard by InS certification 1795391.