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  • As a result of the increasing consumer demand for convenience, ease of use and efficiency, wipes have become an extremely popular product form.
  • ArmorAll was the first to introduce ArmorAll All Round Wipes to the automotive category.
  • In the past, the only products available to the consumer were household cleaners, many of which were unsuitable for in-car use.
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  • ArmorAll Dashboard Wipes are a quick and easy way to clean, shine and protect in one step, helping to keep dashboards looking like new for longer.
  • They use the world-leading ArmorAll Protectant Technology, which is designed to slow the natural deterioration of dashboard and trim.
  • The wipes are suitable for both plastic and vinyl.
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CarPlan Dash Wipes provide an easy and convenient way to clean a car interior. They produce a long-l..
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CarPlan Exhaust Repair Bandage is a tough epoxy resin bandage which bonds to the exhaust system with..
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CarPlan Exhaust Repair Paste is a tough epoxy resin bandage which bonds to the exhaust system with t..
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CarPlan Leather Wipes contain a rich formula that cleans, nourishes and feeds leather to help preser..
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  • CarPlan Mighty Oak is a carded air freshener, providing a fragrance that lasts for weeks.
  • Available in singles or a mixed fragrance pack of 3.
  • Singles: Cherry, New Car or Vanilla fragrances.
  • Triple Pack: Vanilla, Ice Cool and New Car fragrances
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CarPlan Screen Wipes are suitable for interior and exterior use on all car windows. They provide qui..
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CarPlan Upholstery Wipes supplied in a handy tubFragrance: Fresh linenPack: Tub of 40..
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  • Decosol Excel Screenwash keeps vehicle windscreens in top tip spotless condition.
  • Just use less fluid and more water to get a good ratio mixture, making anything up to 25 litres per bottle.
  • This is especially desired in colder climates where a thin layer of ice or frost accumulates on the windscreens surface, eliminating the need to manually scrape the windshield or pour warm water on the glass.
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  • A heavy-duty all steel jerry can featuring a lockable filler cap fitted with a rubber seal to prevent leaks and evaporation.
  • Cans are painted both internally and externally to inhibit corrosion and are certified to UN standards for the storage of Group II flammable liquids.
  • The storage and transportation of flammable liquids for domestic and commercial purposes are covered by extensive government legislation (The Petroleum Consolidation Regulations 2014) (PCR).
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  • Gunk Engine Cleaning Degreasant is a versatile and effective cleaner and degreaser.
  • It is easy to use and can be used on a wide range of applications including engines, machines and automotive parts.
  • Specially formulated to provide ultimate performance.
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  • Hammerite's Waxoyl provides excellent, all-round rustproofing treatment.
  • Its unique formula solves the problem of hidden rust once and for all.
  • The thick waxy liquid is saturated with a very powerful rustkiller and it chases out moisture to form a flexible weatherproof skin that wont crack, dry or wash off in the rain.
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  • A screenwash which effectively cleans windscreens with a non-smearing formula.
  • Cleans traffic film from windscreen and leaves no smear or glint.
  • The concentrate formula can be diluted with water and is protected to -5 degrees C which is ideal for all year round use.
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  • These Olympia Collapsible Cones have many uses in the office, school, hospital, workshop, factory, at home etc.
  • They are ideal for:Reserving/allocating a parking spaceCordoning off areasHazard warning on minor roadsSports aid for children.
  • The cone packs flat for easy storage in a cupboard and takes very little space in the boot of a car.
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  • The Plasti-Kote Auto Paint is fast drying and durable.
  • Suitable for repairs to car bodies, scratches and general repairs.
  • Use in conjunction with PlastiKote Spot Filler and Primer and Plastikote Auto Sealer.
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  • Plasti-Kote Peelable Paint has a fast drying formula that is suitable for car wheels and bodies.
  • Perfect for changing the colour of your car wheels.
  • The paint can be peeled from the surface once dry and should be re-applied after 3 months.
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  • LITTLE TREES Air Fresheners combine fresh aromatic scents with the freshness of nature.
  • For more than 50 years, LITTLE TREES air fresheners have become the most recognised and respected brand of air fresheners in the world.
  • A popular choice for motorists.
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  • Silverhook Concentrated Red Antifreeze and Summer Coolant provides all year round protection for up to 5 years.
  • It is suitable for all types of engines, including aluminium.
  • Featuring Organic Acid Technology (O.A.).
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  • Antifreeze coolant is one of the most vital fluids in your car's operation, since it protects the engine from corrosion, from boiling or freezing temperatures, and helps transfer heat from the engine to the radiator.
  • While water could potentially serve the purpose of heat transferring, most coolants only contain 2-4 percent water, which is subject to freezing and boiling.
  • The main ingredient of coolant is glycol usually, ethylene glycol, and the rest are additives which protect your car's inner workings against corrosion, rust, and pitting caused by air bubbles imploding in the cooling system.
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  • Few things are more dispiriting than turning the ignition key and hearing nothing.
  • Just when you need your car to start, it plays dead.
  • Modern car batteries are very reliable, but leaving the lights on for a few hours will soon discharge them.
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  • A colour co-ordinated plastic fuel can with external graduations moulded into the outer casing.
  • Supplied with flexible pouring spout which mounts neatly on can top.
  • The Petroleum Spirit (Motor Vehicles etc.) Regulations 1929 and the Petroleum Spirit (Plastic Containers) Regulations 1982 limit the amount of petrol that can be kept in a domestic garage or within six metres of a building.
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Silverhook Carb and Injector Cleaner removes gum and resin residue from carburettors and automatic c..
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  • Silverhook All Seasons Screen Wash has a no smear formula that keeps windscreens spotless and free from road grime and bugs.
  • The concentrated formula can be diluted with water for all year use.
  • When used undiluted it is effective to -8 degree C.
  • Dilution rates: Summer - 1 Part Screen Wash : 6 Parts Water, Winter - 1 Part Screen Wash : 2 Parts Water, Severe Conditions - Use Undiluted
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    Silverhook Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner can be used in all diesel engines fitted with a diesel ..
    £9.67 Ex Tax: £8.06
    Silverhook Diesel Treatment is a multifunctional treatment that combines strong detergents and lubri..
    £4.76 Ex Tax: £3.97
    Silverhook Engine Flush Treatment helps to neutralise acid, dissolve varnish and remove sludge in en..
    £5.15 Ex Tax: £4.29
    Silverhook Engine Stop Leak counteracts the effects of seal shrinkage. Older and higher mileage can ..
    £6.58 Ex Tax: £5.48
    Silverhook Flat Fix is used for quick and easy, temporary tyre puncture repair and inflation. Seals ..
    £8.16 Ex Tax: £6.80
    Silverhook Oil Tonic is formulated from an advanced blend of friction reducers, oil detergents and o..
    £5.68 Ex Tax: £4.73
    Silverhook Petrol Injector Treatment is specially formulated to clear clogged injectors ensuring pea..
    £4.76 Ex Tax: £3.97
    Silverhook Petrol Treatment helps prevent blocking deposits with each treatment. It restores lost po..
    £4.54 Ex Tax: £3.78
    Silverhook Quick Start aids cold starting of engines.Upper cylinder lubrication ensures firing even ..
    £6.53 Ex Tax: £5.44
    Over time, the build-up of sludge and rust can impair the performance of cooling systems. This can l..
    £5.15 Ex Tax: £4.29
    Silverhook Stop Leak for Radiators quickly finds and permanently seals radiator leaks. It is formula..
    £5.15 Ex Tax: £4.29
    Silverhook RTV Instant Gasket is a general-purpose silicone rubber sealant that seals, insulates and..
    £5.68 Ex Tax: £4.73
    • Hammerite Stonechip Shield protects surfaces from stone chip damage, salt, damp and rust.
    • It is tough and durable and remains flexible after application.
    • It will not crack or peel.
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    • Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Cockpit Shine is an interior plastic protectant with a long-lasting premium fragrance and adjustable level of shine.
    • Fresh Shine cleans and restores shine to all interior plastics and provides a long-lasting anti-static shield that repels dust and dirt.
    • It allows varying shine levels, from super high gloss to satin/matt finish.
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    • Turtle Wax Streak Free Wash and Wax is one of Turtle Wax's most advanced car wash products.
    • It contains added cationic rinse aid to actively repel water and speed up drying time.
    • Its self-rinsing properties ensure no residual detergents are left on the paint surface to cause streaks.
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    • Turtle Wax Zip Wax Car Wash and Wax is a super-concentrated formula that gently washes away dirt and road grime leaving cars sparkling clean.
    • In just 1-step, it cleans oils and road grime from all exterior surfaces, and the added Carnauba wax leaves behind a water-repellent finish, to leave vehicles streak free.
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