OO Bosch GCL-215 G Combi Laser With RM1 Wall Mount
3 Days Bosch GCL-215 G Combi Laser With RM1 Wall Mount

Bosch GCL-215 G Combi Laser With RM1 Wall Mount

Brand Bosch
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The Bosch GCL-215 Green Beam Combi Laser simplifies precision work for trades people such as carpenters, electricians, installers and drywallers, even in unfavourable lighting conditions such as bright environments. It is truly universal, allows professional users to position windows exactly, hang ventilation ducts and ceilings accurately. The plumb points enable them to copy the positions of fire alarms, lights or entire lighting grids with pinpoint precision.

The levelling function also ensures that even diagonal alignment is no problem, meaning that handrails on staircases, for example, can be fitted easily and precisely. The self-levelling function guarantees exact results with an accuracy of 0.3 millimetres per meter in under four seconds. If the laser cannot self-level due to serious surface irregularities, the green laser lines will flash. All the functions of the tool are easy to find and start thanks to its intuitive user interface. For even greater freedom when positioning, the combi laser can also be mounted on standard tripods with a 1/4 or 5/8in thread. The pendulum lock protects the tool during transit and when in storage.

Supplied with a RM1 Rotating Wall Mount, the laser lines can be aligned around the plumb point in a 360 degrees radius without having to re-position the combi laser. An angled bracket with feet and strong magnets enables the mount to be attached to iron girders or other magnetic structural elements in a multitude of ways. The combi laser can be pushed into the mount and secured in place easily.

Also supplied with: 1 x BM 3 Universal Mount, 3 x 1.5V LR6 (AA) Batteries, 1 x Target Card and 1 x Carry Case With Inlay.


Level Accuracy: 0.3 mm/m.
Plumb Point Accuracy: 0.7 mm/m.
Self-Levelling Range: 4 degrees .
Working Range: 15m.
Power: 3 x AA Batteries 1.5V (Supplied).
Tripod Thread: 1/4in or 5/8in.
Protection Class: IP54 rated, against splash and dust.